10 Things to Bring When Flying With a Two Year Old


Are you planning to take your two-year-old child on a flight but not certain about the essential things that you need to bring make your flight comfortable and stress-free? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have compiled the 10 important things that you need to bring when flying with a two-year-old.

What are the Essential Things to Bring When Flying with a Two Year Old?

1. Long Lasting Foodstuffs

When flying with a toddler don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks especially the long lasting and healthy foodstuffs.

For instance, a pack of raisins as this food consists of natural sugars. Apart from that, you can also bring cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and grapes. Such foods are fun and healthy to eat, however, they are messier compared to the raisins.

Sweets, on the other hand, can be a good bribe, but keep in mind that too much sweet might present challenges during your trip.

2. White Noise App


Without a doubt, the impact of white noise on the awake toddler is nothing short of magical. As a matter of fact, a mundane bustle sinks out other, more disturbing noises, and soothing them off to doze.

Before your flight, you can download a white noise app like the Lightning Bug and White Noise Bay. Such apps will play repetitive and comfortable noises like falling rain, a computer-generated womb, and electric fan.

3. Diaper and Diaper Changing Items

When flying with a two-year-old child don’t forget to bring plenty of diapers. However, even though you have plenty of diapers but don’t have changing items it is still troublesome.

That said, along with diapers don’t forget to bring baby powder, wipes, and other essentials that can help you in changing your baby’s diaper with ease.

You will also need a changing pad where you can lay your baby inside the airplane’s bathroom. Lastly, bring with you some disposable diaper bags. Nevertheless, you can purchase disposable diaper bags and reusable changing pads at baby stores.

Bear in mind that having an uncomfortable child on a long flight will definitely make the trip hostile for you as well as your little one.

4. Car Seat

According to some research, with the help of car seats, you will be able to enhance the safety of your toddler during your flight.

Fortunately, the majority of airlines these days allow their passengers to check in together with their car seats without paying an additional fee. However, approval can’t be gotten at the airports.

Nevertheless, if you cannot bring a car seat for your little one make sure you have prepared one at your destination.

5. Travel Towel

Having unexpected spills while you are flying with a two-year-old kid is not a new thing. For that reason, don’t forget to bring travel towels for your trip.

This might be anything from a usual towel or dish rag, to keep your things dry and more importantly, tidying after whatever takes place along your way. Aside from cleaning unexpected spills, you can also use the towel as a blanket.

6. ID Tag for your little one

You certainly not know when disasters and accidents could come about or merely you and your little one become separated. This is where ID tags come into play.

An ID tag should contain contact numbers, addresses that are relevant, and important health details. Make sure to put this in your child during your trip.

Moreover, don’t forget to bring copies of your baby’s basic health details with you. As a matter of fact, it is an easy way to bring together emergency contact information, allergies, immunizations, and medications in one place.

7. Outfit Bags

During your flight, you are certainly going to need more garments than you might possibly imagine. As what we have said a while ago, unexpected spills may possibly come up allow your trip, thus having extra clothes is very important.

One convenient tip is to make pre-made outfits and store them in a ziplock bag. After which, label them depending on the content and then place it in your bag. So that, you don’t have to remove all the stuff in your bag just to find the clothes you are looking for.

8. iPad or Phone that is loaded with videos, games, and app

Nowadays, there is no better and easy way to keep your two-year-old kid entertained during your flight than with a phone or iPad.

In fact, you can download some learning activities and games, and play educational videos and shows. For example, you can download the Endless Alphabet since this app can teach your little one the alphabet, letters, and word combination.

Furthermore, bring a pair of headphones that are kid-friendly so that you will not be able to disturb the other passengers. On the other hand, make sure to choose a headphone that is not more than 89 decibel so that their young ears will not be damaged.

9. First Aid Kit

Whether you are traveling by air or land having a prepared first aid kit is very important. Make sure it contains the basic such as band-aids, children’s antiseptic cream, and paracetamol, hand sanitizers, thermometer, and some bandages.

10. Water Bottles or Sippy Cups

In order to preclude dehydration encourage your little one to drink lots of liquid especially when flying. Nevertheless, it is always a great idea to prepare water for everybody.


There you have it the 10 things that you need to bring when flying with a two-year-old kid. However, when traveling, carrying juice or milk with you can be very challenging. But keep in mind that if you’re flying with a toddler or infant you can carry some liquids on the plane above the 3oz limit.

Either way, flying with your little one doesn’t have to difficult. By having an idea about the essentials that you need to bring rest assured that you and most importantly your little one will have a safe, comfortable, and stress-free flight.

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