10 Tips for Camping With a Baby


Camping with a baby sounds intimidating and very challenging especially when it’s your first time. But with proper knowledge and gear rest assured that you will be able to make the most of your camping trip with your little one.

Either way, if you are looking forward to bring your baby on your next camping trip but don’t know have any idea what is the right thing to do no worries because we are here to guide you.

In this content, we have compiled 10 tips for camping with a baby that is sure to help you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Camping With A Baby: Here are 10 Tips That You Need to Know

1. Take “Sleep Only” Garments for Your Baby

Bear in mind that babies get a bit sweaty easily during the day particularly if they’re hanging out in a carrier. Your baby can’t regulate his or her own temperature very well, thus make sure to change your baby’s clothes at nights so that he/she will feel warm when the temperature becomes cold.

As an advice, when you are taking out for a camping trip make sure to give him/clothes that are made of wool. In fact, wool will stay cool even though when you are hot and stays warm when it is cold or wet as well.

2. Bring More Diapers

Diapers are considered one of the most important baby essentials. That said, when you are planning to bring your baby to a camping trip don’t forget to take extra diapers. In fact, when they have not been used, diapers weigh not anything.

In addition to that, don’t forget to bring other stuff that is essential in changing your baby’s diaper like wipes, alcohol, as well as a disposable diaper bag.

3. Pack Minimally

When you camp with your baby, you don’t have to carry every single stuff that you usually utilize in your home. Make sure to bring only the things which you think are important. Avoid carrying unnecessary and heavy stuff as they will make your camping experience more difficult.

4. Make yourself comfortable

There is no doubt nursing your baby on the ground can be very difficult since it is hard on the back and bum. That is why make sure you have got your own ways to support as well as cushion yourself when camping with a baby.

If you have a sleeping mat you can fold it and then put it under your sit bones to have more cushioning. In addition, be sure you have got a plan to keep warm while you are nursing.

5. Bring Cots and a big blanket

When camping with your baby, for sure you will often find yourself sitting around your campsite. For that reason bringing a big blanket is always a good idea. You can lay the blanket on your site and allow your baby to play with his or her toys while you’re laying down comfortably.

Bringing cots especially the portable ones is also important as it gives your baby a safe and comfortable sleep during the day and night.

6. Carry a dummy that has a clip

If your baby is using a dummy, don’t forget to bring one. However, make sure to choose one that has a clip and chain to avoid falling into the ground.

7. Don’t forget to bring a bug spray and sunscreen that is not toxic

Ensuring that your little one is protected from bug bites and sunburns are extremely important. Thus bringing non-toxic bug spray as well as sunscreen in your campsite is highly recommended.

On the other hand, when you are looking for a bug spray make sure to look for an item that is made using natural oils and does not contain DEET.

8. Bring A Portable Chair

Without a doubt, food is the most important part for a camping trip. However, balancing a baby on your while eating in your picnic table can be very challenging.

Even so, if you want to prevent this happening make sure to bring a portable and high chair for your baby. As a matter of fact, this chair will make sure that your baby is safe while you are enjoying your delicious foods.

9. Talk to your neighbors

If you’ll be staying in a campsite with other campers nearby, take some of your time and talk to them. If they are aware that you have a baby, they will know to assume the possibility of hearing a baby cry most especially during the night. Therefore it is a good manner to clue them as early as possible.

10. Keep your baby’s routine the same

Actually, most babies love consistency and routine. That is why, if you are reading a book before bedtime, make sure to do the same thing during your camping. This will give your baby an indication that he/she needs to sleep.


Now that you already have an idea what are the things that you need to do, hopefully, you are now confident enough to camp with your baby. Yes, camping with a baby is quite challenging but it is one of the best and most memorable experiences that you might have in your life.

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