10 Toddler Airplane Activities


Toddlers feel bored and distracted at a sudden. When this happens in an airplane, it’s big trouble for both of you.  Both of you will not be able to get off the plane immediately when trouble comes thus there are 10 toddler airplane activities to ease the bigger trouble. These things will definitely calm toddlers’ tantrums and craziness easily.

Beforehand, let us take a look at the reasons why toddlers tend to get bored and distracted.

  • They are not used to ride on a plane. Perhaps it is a first time ride on a plane experience for the toddler that’s why it makes him uncomfortable that he gets distracted.
  • They are hungry. Babies do get hungry in a shorter period than adults so bringing baby food on board is very important.
  • The seat is uncomfortable. It is recommended to have an infant car seat with you during travels for added comfort and protection to your child’s whole being.
  • They cannot play. This happens when you neglect to bring some toys during travels. It is necessary to bring toys because those are his life. Some kind of toys will be mentioned in the latter part of the article.

So, keep on reading.

10 ways to entertain a toddler on board

1. Lend a food

We think the most effective activity on a plane is to fill that tummy.  Imagine you’re above sea levels for about many hours and it will cause your child to crave for food. Avoid rich in sugar foods to prevent tantrums to happen. Cracker snacks are enough to catch its attention. Food will serve as entertainment during long travels.


2. Read story books

Choose to bring books on the flight that has interesting pictures on it. The child may not understand the whole story but it’s a great way to develop also his curiosity and knowledge.


3. Render comfortable sleep

Let your baby sleep comfortably. This will happen by having a car seat during travels where to lay down a child. During sleeping hours, you will avoid it getting bored at a board. But, brace yourself for the renewed energy when he wakes up. The succeeding activities may help you!


4. Play with a stuffed toy

Every child loves a stuffed toy. They can play with their teddy bear on a plane or talk to their dolls during long flights. Until they fall asleep hugging the stuffed toy and there it avoids a mess on board.


5. Bring travel toys

These are toys intended for travels. They are usually small in size, eye-catchy and entertaining. Examples are soft tiny balls, small cars, small animal figures, and activity toys. Since playing on a plane requires small space, be responsible to only bring what will be used.


6. Learn the shape sorter toy

It is more of an educational toy as well as entertainment. This toy works as the kid will fit a shape on a hole that is suitable on that particular shape. It is familiar as a home toy but it can be effective during travels too for it is handy and easy to use.


7. Play a fun game

Better research for a game that’s suitable for airplane travels. However, there are fun toys sold in the market that are travel-friendly and effective in entertaining a toddler.

These include the following:

  • Magnetic Game Set

There are varieties of a magnetic game set that are safe, entertaining, and educational. No worry for missing pieces for it is magnetic. Toddlers will enjoy picking and losing every piece out of his hands into the game board.

  • Coloring book

There’s a happiness in coloring a book with full of funny characters. It also enhances your baby’s artistic skills while on the board. Of course, if there’s a coloring book there must be a lot of Crayola to end up with a masterpiece done by a child.


8. A gaming console

Bring a gaming console on a plane to distract a distracted child. We bet children love to play an app game (there are a lot of it) then you can use it to entertain your child but with supervision and moderation. Example of a gaming console is the Nintendo Switch that is travel-friendly and contains child-related games.


9. Watch videos or movies

Nowadays, toddlers are into advanced technology. You can use a smartphone and download a video that’s age appropriate or, a laptop with more storage thus more videos to hold.  It is effective to ease the boredom feeling of a child during long travels and it makes him forget that he’s on board. Moreover, there are also Apps that contains toddler related videos for continuous streaming.


10. Give your smartphone

We know that toddlers tend to argue with you getting your phone and if not approved they will cry out loud. Are we getting a 3-point?

That was so shameful when you’re on a plane. However, the remedy is to set your smartphone into an airplane mode to protect your connections then give it to your baby. You’ll be shocked, he’ll stop crying.

There are lots of activities that can be done with a phone. First is playing an app game with your supervision. Second is to swipe the gallery section and show pictures on your child.

To sum it up

Long travels are irrefutably stressful. In addition to that, long travels on a plane are more complicated with a child on your lap. Being a wise parent think ahead of time what will be the ways you need to do to calm down a child when trouble (or should I say tantrums) comes. It’s hard to be stressed on board.

Those activities mentioned above are all simple and practical. It’s up to you which you’ll pick to apply during travels. But, I bet all of those will be useful.

We believe that happy kiddo is a happy wanderer.

When you tried one of the activities, let us know. We’re open to hearing your most epic on board stories with your cutie toddler.

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