12 Hacks to Know Before Going on a Disney Cruise


Do you want to make the most out of your Disney cruise? If yes, then we’ve got you covered.

A Disney cruise actually offers the best for the whole family – an amusement park for the children as well as a wonderful cruise experience for adults. Though your kids will not see enormous rollercoasters that they usually see on regular amusement parks, they will be able to meet their most wanted characters, go to deck parties and live shows, and spend a fun time in swimming pools that have waterslides and play areas. Another common advantage of going on a Disney cruise is that you can enjoy your trip without long lines and groups of people.

Either way, here are the 12 hacks that you need to know before going on a Disney cruise so that your whole trip will be hassle and stress-free.

Going On A Disney Cruise: 12 Hacks That You Need to Know

1. Bring Cash

If you are on a ship, obviously, you won’t see any machine where you can withdraw cash. Thus, before going on a cruise make sure you have already withdrawn enough money for your whole trip.

International ATM charges, on the other hand, are very expensive. And there’s also a possibility that your bank will block your ATM especially if they are not aware that you are going on a Disney cruise.


2. You don’t have to pay for room service

When going on a cruise always remember that complimentary room services are already added in the total cost of your trip. In fact, it is accessible 24 hours every day, for snacks, dinner, lunch, breakfast, until 1:30 in the morning on the last day of your trip. Further, any room service tip is at your freedom of choice.


3. Don’t forget to bring formal clothing

When you receive a dinner invitation and you read “formal” basically, it means that the occasion is formal. Technically, it is not compulsory, but in point of fact, it applies to everybody. If you’re a girl then you dress like a princess, but if you’re a boy you can wear suits or dress pants that have a jacket. Though, you can order made-to-order formal wear.


4. Book a late dinner and early show

If you want to avoid hordes of people then you should reserve an early show and a late dinner. As a matter of fact, the later show and early dinner are much louder and busier especially if you have little children. Further, there are minority activity counselors offered who will entertain children particularly the energetic ones after 9 in the evening, thus you can finish your dinner without worrying about your children.


5. Use Wi-Fi at the docks

Depending on your online necessities, ships provide an Internet package. Rather than compensating by the minute, you will pay depending on the data you consume. Also, there are pay-as-you-go internet packages, however, the connection is quite slow especially if there are lots of devices using it.

Better yet, disconnect a few days, believe it or not, you would be shocked how advantageous it might be. Further, connect when you are in docks because usually touristy areas offer internet for free.


6. Download and Install the app “Disney Cruise Line Navigator”

Keep in mind that going on a Disney cruise is more overwhelming compared to visiting actual amusement parks. So to make your life easy, you can download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator application. Actually, this app will allow you to send messages to fellows in your travel party when the ship is on board and access vacation details.

In addition, this app is an individual navigator and displays a calendar that has all the happenings in categories and a day-to-day weather report.


7. Tip is included

An 18% tip is added to salon and spa services and 15% for deck service tabs, wine, beverage, and bar automatically.

However, if you want to modify the amount of tip or pay it in cash, stop by the Guest Services area. Nevertheless, gratuity is typically handled at the end of your Disney cruise and you’re given a slip showing the suggested gratuity amount.


8. Arrive the day or a couple of hours before your trip

Delayed flights are unavoidable. Thus we highly suggested that if you can make sure to arrive the day or a couple of hours before your Disney cruise. Take note nothing might be inferior to not making it in time and watching the ship sail without you.


9. Reserve the rainforest room instead of spa

Honestly speaking, a spa appointment is very hard to book. Other than that, the service fee is quite costly. Instead, stay in the rainforest room as this place will keep your body and mind relax at a very reasonable price.


10. You can take food from the cafeteria to the theater

Ships have theaters that have concession stands which is similar to regular theaters. And like land-based theaters, the drinks and foods are costly as well. So to avoid overspending grab sodas and carry them with you no worries, sodas are free. In addition to that, you can also demand room service before heading out to the theater.


11. Breakfast can be delivered to your room for free

As long as you as you demand it at 3 o’clock in the morning, you can have breakfast transported to your room for free. In fact, this is perfect especially if you think it is too early to leave your cabin.


12. You can take alcohol with you

When going on a cruise, you don’t need to spend too much on alcohol. Instead, save a lot by carrying your own. Usually, each adult is permitted to bring two bottles of champagne or wine (unopened and no bigger than 750ml) as well as six beers that aren’t larger than 12oz at the start of the cruise.

By simply following the above-mentioned hacks, you will definitely have a wonderful, hassle-free, and memorable Disney cruise experience.

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