7 Hacks for Flying with A Car Seat


Traveling to another place is the best way that you can do to get away from reality. Getting a time off from work or school is a good way to relax, stay in a 5-star suite, or have an exciting adventure. But if you are traveling with a baby, you’ll sometimes have problems with their things.

Things like car seats and strollers can make traveling a bit stressing, but if you know a few hacks on how to travel by a car seat, you can make things bearable when traveling with your baby.

1. Travel Light

If you plan on traveling with your baby and partner and staying at your location for a few days, then you should at least bring 2 medium or large suitcases with all your family’s bare essentials. This way, you can easily travel by only pulling two suitcases, and then carrying a car seat and a stroller.

As for your hand luggage, just carry things like purse, wallet, passport, and phone to make it easier for you and your partner to carry other luggage.

2. Use a Travel System

To make sure your baby’s car seat get through the airport, you should consider using a travel system, which is a combination of car seat and stroller, to make t easier for you to move around. With a travel system, you can bring both stroller and car seat at once without carrying them individually.

3. Strap the Car Seat on your Suitcase

If your hands are already full by carrying your suitcases, handbags, stroller, and of course the baby, you’ll have trouble carrying the car seat around through the airport and once you have reached your destination.

So to make things easier, you can just strap the car seat on your suitcase so that you can pull on your bag, while also pulling on the car seat.

4. Use a Lightweight Car Seat

If you’ve traveled light and still have an extra hand to use to carry a car seat, then why don’t you consider getting a lightweight seat? This way, you won’t have to struggle too much when carrying the seat around the airport and your hotel. Carrying a heavy baby car seat, while pulling along suitcases and carrying your handbag, can be quite a pain on your back literally.

5. Use a Protective Cover

Car seats and strollers can be checked or gate checked as they don’t count as a carry luggage. Therefore, if you are checking your baby seat at the gate, they tend to get beaten up during the transit. So to make sure that your expensive baby equipment is safe, and at least damage-free, you should use a protective cover that durable enough to withstand tears.

6. Skipping Security

With or without a baby, the airport can be a hassle. So if you want to skip the long lines altogether, you can ask a security worker if there is a line designated for strollers and families. There are a lot of airports that have special shorter lines, which would be filled with understanding workers who don’t mind when your baby cries, and they can even offer a helping hand when folding up your stroller or car seat.

If your airport doesn’t have this service, it still won’t hurt to ask if there are shorter priority lanes for a family with babies.

7. Use a Backpack Car Seat Cover

If you to keep your hands free to be able to hold your important stuff easily, instead of carrying your baby’s car seat in your hands while you travel, you can just carry it as a backpack to have a more comfortable and bearable travel. Using a car seat travel bag like this is not only convenient, but it can also keep your item protected when checked at the gate.


Flying with a baby and car seat can be quite tricky and tiring at the same time. Therefore, to make things easier you’ll need tips like these to make things more bearable. In addition, traveling by a car seat is convenient and important as it would keep your child safe, and it would help save you money from renting a car seat when using a rented car.

Aside from traveling light, you should also make sure that the car seat is covered, rather than living it bare when checking at the gate. Remember, during the transit at the gate check can get your things battered with all the process. So to make sure to at least protect it from scratches, keep the sea covered every time you travel.

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