How to Get the Best Rate on a Cruise


Having a long vacation is good news for everyone. Because we all want to relax and enjoy the moment without thinking of work or school.

We have different ways to spend our vacations. Some people just want to stay at home, while others want to go out of town and be with the whole family or with friends doing hiking, swimming, or traveling.

Aside from those things. You and your family or friends can also relax, have fun and enjoy the adventure while you are on the cruise ship. Because the cruise ship is also one of the best ways to spend your vacation well.

The increasing number of passengers who loved to ride a cruise ship is the reason why many cruise lines are built. But how can you choose the best cruise with the best rate?

Here are the Tips to Get the Best Rate on A Cruise.

  • Choose the season where you can cruise at a low rate.

Usually, the peak seasons have the highest price just like Christmas, New Year, and summer. Holidays have also high price rates.

Therefore, the best time to avail the lowest rates are the school days and work days. In which, these low rate seasons fall in the middle of New Year and Summer or Spring break.


  • It is not so good to book at the last minute.

Other people know, when they book at the last minute, they can save much money. Why? Because some cruise lines offer a low rate when the sailing date is near for them to attract additional passenger that will occupy the vacant rooms.

But the truth is, some cruise line only offers incentives like onboard credit or free drinks instead of last-minute discounts.

Aside from that, they cannot choose the best location and cabins they want because it is already limited.


  • Deals are cheaper on older ships.

If you are looking for simple but comfortable ships and not the amenities, then choose the older ships. It is cheaper compared to the newer ships but you can still enjoy it.

The newer ships have a high rate because it is larger and some contain robot bars, promenade, and ice rinks.


  • Carefully choose the right location and cabin

In the cruise ship, almost all rooms have different rates. The higher the location of your room the higher the price too. Aside from the location according to the level, there is also according to whether it is outside rooms or middle rooms of the cruise, which pays different rates too. Because it is far beautiful being in the balcony of the cruise, that’s why it requires you to pay a higher rate.


  • Don’t expect that you will save much if you book far ahead

If you are expecting that you can save much money when you book in advance, there is no assurance about that. Because even when you book months ahead, the rate might still be the same or maybe it still has the chance to change into a lower rate.


  • Book at a cruise where it matches your budget

It is safer to book at the cruise where it suits your budget. Waiting for lower rates will take time and it has no assurance that the rate will decrease it more likely to increase.


  • Price drops should be monitored

Monitoring the price regularly will give you an idea when the price is increasing or decreasing. This will give you an idea when is the best time to book for your cruise. If the price is continuously decreasing then it is the best time to call the cruise line immediately and book.


  • Seek out an expert Travel Agent

If you don’t have time to browse on your twitter or to search about the best cruise line that fits your budget, then look for an expert travel agent. They have access to look for best deals for you. And they can also be responsible for booking up for you.


There you go. You already have the tips on How to Get the Best Rate on A Cruise. Use the list above and make it as a base to book the best cruise that suits your budget. Aside from looking for the rate that matches your budget, you should also be after the cruise itself where you will ride.

The most important thing is to be with your loved one and to enjoy the day that is free from stress.

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