How to Take an Infant on a Cruise


Traveling is one of the beautiful things to do. Travel can also be done by the means of a ship, bus, train, boat, private car, bicycle, and airplane or even by foot. Traveling even in a short period could bring a great and big impact on us especially to the people whom we travel with.

A family is a unique gift from God above that need to give importance, treasure and accepts others differences and imperfection. As well as a child a precious gift that needs to experience how to live and to enjoy the beauty of the world.

Want to know about the top secrets to a victorious cruising with your infants? You should know your kid, and seek the best transportation the best suits for your family. Picking from incorrect transportation makes your child uncomfortable and irritated. Be safe and enjoy every moment together.

Can babies go on cruise ships?

Absolutely yes, babies also need to travel and explore the beauty of the world as they were a match made for a vacation. Babies can go on cruise ships and it is enjoyable. And it was an extraordinary experience with the whole family.

Is there an age limit for the babies to cruise?

The starting age of the babies to cruise is within six months old. However, it depends on the condition of your babies.

Cruise with infants because there are Kids activity and babysitting

There are some cruises that offer or provide babysitting and kids center depending on their age, for a charge. It is easy for the parents to make their babies happy and enjoy. It guaranteed that there are a certain standard and facility for your children that they will feel safe and secure.

Here are the top tips for cruising with a baby

Before on the cruise:

  • Pack wisely-pack the clean bottles and sterilizing tools. Take all the nappies, wet wipes, and other consumables that you’ll need in cruising. Take enough milk and food until your last day on a vacation. Get extra clothing change depending on the climate. Take also the medicines and vitamins that your babies should take, and bring also some toys.


  • Some cruise may have some convenient stores that could provide what you need. Let me gave you one tip that can make you packing less hassle a get disposable baby items (diapers, foods, and wipes) in a bag or box.

While on the cruise:

  • Make sure that you have received a life jacket for you and your babies. Every corner of the room has a life jacket, but you should ask for a smaller life jacket that suits your babies upon arriving.


  • My best tips to those who whom are with infants/babies are to go on the cruise with low assumptions and be patient because most of the infants/babies are sleepy all the day or nappy, so expect that your infants/babies spent a lot of time in your arms.


  • While your infants/babies were sleeping you could go outside and look for the beautiful sceneries while you are reading books, newspaper or any kind of reading materials.


  • Plan for meals and prepare for it or you could also walk around and look for available foods to eat. Also, while your infant was too young, there are activities for kids that they could play with toys, coloring books, crawl around, and mingle with fellow babies. This could surely amaze and full of fun and excitement for your little ones that they would truly enjoy. You could also bring toys for them to play when they got bored.


  • Feed your infants/babies on time. They could also eat some plain yogurt or missed with baby food fruits.


  • My last piece of advice is to have fun, relax and enjoy the cruise with your infants/babies. Make your vacation and travel full of memories as a family.


Traveling with infants/babies were too difficult, a lot of preparations, a lot of things to bring, and have long patience. But the most important thing about it is that you spend your time, effort, love to your family, and it is priceless. Nothing could replace the memories, laughter’s, and the relationship you build together. Yes, it is tiring, but if you look beyond those things is a family full of love and enjoying every second, every minute, every hour and every moment together. A smile painted on their faces is a big gift and reward that a family should have.

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