Top 4 Baby Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts


Are you planning an all-inclusive tropical vacation with your family? First of all, congratulations on being a new parent, taking care of a baby is not easy, so for your hard work, looking for an all-inclusive family vacation is a great choice for parents who want to relax in different scenery. Recharging and reconnecting in a tropical paradise would be a good pampering for the family occasionally.

There are a lot of great all-inclusive resorts out there, but these resorts don’t have to be for adults only. You can find a lot of great resorts in different places that provide a well-deserved and relaxing escape for the adults, as well as being provided with some facilities needed for your baby.


What to Look for in a Baby-Friendly Resort?

With all of your plans combined, looking for the right resort for you and your baby is the most time consuming but it is also the most important part of the trip. We have actually done a lot of research and we recommend the best resorts, which would be mentioned later on in this article.

The resorts that we are about to recommend you with later are not only an excellent resort for the adults, but the resorts also offer some great amenities for families that brought small children with them.

Here’s what you need to look for when choosing baby-friendly resort:

1. How Friendly is the Resort for Babies?

Here are the things that you need to look for or bring with you during your vacation.


  • High Chairs and Cribs

If these things aren’t available in the hotel that you are about to stay in, you might need to pack your baby’s own fabric high-chair or travel crib. But if you want to pack light, then you can consider renting some baby equipment from the local’s trusted and reliable company.

Once you settled for a package, contact the hotel and ask what type of crib they have available during your stay. Some babies don’t like a certain type of crib, so ask and try to imagine if your baby would like the crib offered by the hotel.


  • Beach or Pools

Would there be a baby pool? If you are planning a vacation on a beach resort, check if the beach is too wavy or rocky for a baby. And as for the pools, check if the water’s quality would be okay for your baby’s skin.


  • Indoor Play Area

Sometimes it would be great if there’s an area in the resort where your baby can play in away from the sun. Having an indoor playroom is also a good option to have if the weather is bad at the resort’s place.

  • The Room’s Space

Try to look or ask for some pictures of the hotel’s room that you and your family are about to stay in. Keep in mind that placing the crib near your bed will cause your child to have trouble sleeping when they see or hear you.


  • Balcony

This is a great addition to have in your room as you’ll get a space where you can talk freely without waking the baby, you’ll also have a good view of the resort while relaxing without living your room.


  • The Resort’s Distance from the Airport

If you’ve planned with a tour company, there is a chance where you’ll be with some people in the van or bus that would be staying in different resorts. If you want to be one of the first people to get of the vehicle, get a resort that is quite close to the airport.


2. What are Your Flight’s Duration Time?

Choose a flight that would work best with your baby’s schedule. This way, you won’t have too much trouble with your baby’s tantrums or others along the way.


3. Is Your Package Included with Transport?

Ask your tour company if they offer transportation service to and from the airport and resort. If not, then you should schedule a private transfer that provides a baby seat.


4. Best All-Inclusive, Baby-Friendly Resorts

Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Below are the following resorts that we think is the best resort for both babies and parents. We hope that you could find the right resort for you t stay in.

Here are the recommended child-friendly resorts:

1. Memories Varadero

If you have brought a child aged 3 and above other than your baby who is aged 2 and below, they would surely enjoy their stay here in a 1000-plus rooms megaresort. There are some Canadian characters roaming the resort’s ground, along with a patchy patch.

The resort also has several on-site restaurants that serve cuisines in different flavors, these include Italian, French, Cuban, and Japanese. As for the baby club, babies who are below 3 years of ages are entertained, while kids around 4 to 12 of ages could play in the playground and participate a couple of games in the kid’s club. The baby club is open around 9 to 5 pm.


2. Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort and Spa

Here’s another great resort that you could which is great for babies below 3 years of age. This resort is one of the interconnected resorts of Grand Palladium, it gives you and your family access to five buffet restaurants, nine a la carte restaurants, and about seven pools. Another great feature that the resort has is their jungle-like pathways throughout the resort, which enables you to walk your child for a while in their stroller.

The resort also has fish ponds, kiddie pool, baby club playroom, and a white sand beach that your baby would surely love.


3. Azul Beach Hotel

This beach hotel has a classy and upscale aura in it, yet it will make you feel welcome even if you’re with kids. Enjoy the resort’s 24-hour room service and premium drinks for the duration of your stay. They also have a long list of baby amenities which makes them one of the best baby-friendly resorts out there.

If your baby could already walk and loves to watch some cartoons, then they would surely love the resort’s well-stocked playroom, where they’ll get the chance to meet Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob.


4. The Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real

Now, this all-inclusive resort would be the best resort on this list. Just like what they say, save the best for last. For adults, you would surely love their unlimited free golf at the Cocotal Golf and Country Club, along with Pilates and Yoga sessions every day. A lot of their luxurious rooms here have about 1 to 2 bedrooms.

This allows you to have some private time with your baby and partner if you have brought along a lot of people with you. As for the kids and babies they would surely love the resort’s indoor play area and kiddie pool that are specifically made for them.


We hope that this article has helped you out in finding the ideal all-inclusive resort for you and your family. Finding the right resort that is suitable for your baby might be hard if you don’t have a lot of options. Therefore, if you have already listed some all-inclusive resorts in your notes, you should consider adding the best resorts that we have recommended above.

The more options you have, the easier you’ll find the best child-friendly all-inclusive resort.

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